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St. Catharines Roma Wolves League 1 Womens

It's official, League 1 Ontario has let our secret out and has allowed us to make more history at Club Roma & in Niagara 🎉 ⚽️⁠

We are now celebrating the inception of the newest, game-changing & iconic professional soccer team to Roma and its female.

St. Catharines Roma Wolves now have an official League 1 Women's team to go along with our already powerful Men's team...⁠

This is the first for professional sports of its kind in 60 years at Club Roma and in Niagara. ⁠

This team is going to do more than just play some incredible soccer, we are planning to empower the women of Club Roma and all over Ontario, highlight females in sports, and encourage everyone to take part in what Roma believes in:⁠

One Club, One Goal: Community.⁠

The she wolves are just the start, as the future at Roma has never been brighter.. ✨⁠

The future is Roma's Women 🐺⁠

⚽️ Share this post to support & WELCOME the newest team for the St. Catharines Roma Wolves 🐺⁠

Get ready for the 2022 unstoppable season all summer long... #shewolfpack #shewolfpackishere

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